Erotic and spiritual massage is known as tantra

Have you ever heard about erotic massage? If you did– can you imagine how it feels, looks like? You use more senses than your vision and tactile sense. You can smell and also taste parts of it. Let me explain what erotic massage bratislava offers. The delightful massages which give you a full-body experience. You can taste a glass of champagne, chocolate and fruit and smell the pleasant fragrance around you during the process, feel the touch of a beautiful person. It sounds like heaven, right?

The visual and feeling part is even more pleasurable. Beautiful masseuses or handsome masseurs will certainly push the correct button in you only by massaging the most delightful parts of your body. Classic massage cannot offer you what TANTRA can. It is a tradition with a long history. It is indeed erotic and blissful, but also a spiritual experience. You will be mostly in the position of the receiver of the energy of your Tantric lady or Tantric gentleman. The ending can be even more interesting.

relax počas masáže

The tantra comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a lot to offer– the salon has 12 programmes from the classic to the secret dark. They are suitable for men, women and couples, too. You can choose 4 hands tantra or mutual body tantra, where you will be more proactive because the rest is more about succumbing to the body and hands of experts. The members of the salon are highly professional, they expect the same approach from you.

pomôcky k masáži
You will feel rewarded for your polite behaviour. Even literally– you will obtain a gift at the end of the massage. The necessary step for registration of the term is to book minimally 1 hour before the whole process. You will select your masseuse/masseur. The tantric area is directly in the heart of Bratislava. The intimate and private space is ensured, which helps you to relax. It is not advised to exercise at least one day before the appointment, to avoid potential muscular tension. It should be a lovely and unforgettable experience for you or your close person.